William Shatner Speaks out for Wild Salmon!

“Quick Scotty…beam them salmon up!”

Or so says iconic Canadian actor William Shatner today as he announced his support for a private member’s bill to end “open penned” fish farming on the rugged coastline of British Columbia. New Westminister NDP MP Finn Donnelly is introducing a bill in Parliament that will hopefully see the fish pens taken from the bays and inlets and put into tanks on dry land.

Only a month a go there was a grass roots “Migration March” organized by the Salmon are Sacred organization that culminated with a huge protest on the lawns of the Provincial Legislature urging changes to the practice of farming foreign fish in the path of migrating “wild” salmon. There has been a huge growth of sea lice on the natural stock due to this practice. The march was organized by biologist Alexandra Morton and drew many to the cause.

So..Captain Kirk has put his phaser on stun and will bravely go where no trekkie has gone before. Ironic justice in the sense that salmon are also “trekkers” in the true sense of the word..returning from distant seas to negociate miles of treacherous rivers to spawn. Shatner has also been adopted by many Canadians as a candidate to be Canada’s next Governor General and pressure is being put on the Stephen Harper government for his name to be considered. Perhaps rallying to the cause of wild salmon will help him “take the con”?

Shatner had this to say about the plight of wild salmon;

“The fauna and the flora of the British Columbia river shores and rivers are nurtured by the salmon. Without the salmon, they die.”

Good on you Jim Kirk…like Spock always said..“may the wild salmon live long and prosper”

Alexandra and the Salmon are Sacred people are tickled “pink” and are going coho..ho.. as I write.

Suzuki, Shatner..who’s next? Sarah MLachlan?..Springsteen?..let’s hope the sky is the limit for helping our lice-ravaged and life-giving salmon!