The Federal Fight Against the HST

The Conservative Government is currently trying to force through the federal legislation that will help to create the HST.  They are doing their best to cram it through Parliament with no hearings or debate and trying to pretend that it wasnt their idea in the first place.  Nevertheless, Nathan is working with his New Democrat colleagues to let the government know that the people of British Collumbia and Ontario don’t want this tax.

Read on for more information about what is going on in Parliament and how you can join the fight to stop the HST

UPDATE: Friday December 11th Following a hectic week of New Democratic attempts to block the HST, the Conservatives and Liberals finally forced the HST bill to a first vote on Tuesday, December 8th.

In a very rare and undemocratic move, both parties forced the Standing Committee on Finance to report the bill back to the House by 11:00pm the same day with no consultation or witnesses allowed to testify. 

The battle resumed the next day with Nathan and colleagues trying to block the bill, but the final vote on the Federal HST bill was forced Wednesday evening and it passed with the support of all Conservative and Liberal MPs.

Nathan and fellow New Democrats were the only Members of Parliament to vote against the bill.

The fight continues in BC and all of Nathan’s team remains committed to working against this wrong tax for the wrong time.