Support Economic Renewal, Not Subsidies to Destructive Industries

Nathan rose in the House today to report on the progress of Renewal Northwest and call on government to support communities in their effort to build a sustainable economic future.

Mr. Nathan Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley, NDP): Mr. Speaker, just this weekend I have returned from an excellent meeting of progressive minds in Terrace, British Columbia.

Renewal Northwest draws together business leaders, environment groups, first nations and local governments. Building a plan for sustainable economic development in our region that creates jobs while protecting the environment, they are looking for the federal government to be a partner and not an obstacle in this effort.

Instead of investing in good green jobs, the current government continues to be intent on boosting the oil and gas industry with subsidies and cutting efforts in the wind, solar and other green energy projects around the country.

Canadians know where that path leads: increased environmental destruction; holding back green future that we all need.

It is time for new ideas in our regional economy, championed by the people of the northwest. They want a government that listens to them and respects them and does not burden small businesses and low-income families with taxes like the HST.

Government needs to come to the table and support people in building the sustainable future they so desperately want.