Save Our Coast Materials

Many Canadians are rightly concerned about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. The increase in tankers carrying diluted bitumen poses a serious risk to our coast and the many jobs that depend on it. Increasing the amount of oil will only increase Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, making it more difficult to meet our international climate commitments. And expanding the pipeline ignores the right of Indigenous peoples to have a real say on projects that affect their land and resources.

The Liberals want to go ahead with the expansion, despite a recent ruling from the federal courts. They have already spent $4.5 billion buying the old pipeline and want to spend billions more on a new one. We cannot allow them to waste good money after bad on such a reckless project.

Agree? Come along to one of our town halls we are holding across BC or share the material below in your local communities. The more we make it clear to Trudeau that British Columbians are opposed to this expansion, the more chance we have of saving our coast.