Save Canada Post

In December 2013, the Harper government announced cuts as well as price hikes at Canada Post, which saw the price of stamps rise to as high as $1, and which reduced Canada Post's workforce by 8,000 jobs. Worst of all, the cuts mean that Canada Post will end door-to-door delivery over the next few years, removing service from over 5,000,000 Canadian households.

Cutting service and raising prices is no way to run a business; nor is it a way to run a vital government service that has turned almost $2 billion in profits over the last twenty years, and which millions of Canadians depend upon.

Nathan and the NDP have vowed to fight this change in Parliament. You can watch a clip of Nathan standing up for Canada Post in the House of Commons here, or sign onto the petition demanding that the government reverse its cuts to Canada Post here.

You can also read more about the NDP's efforts to fight for Canada Post here.