Possible Petronas move to Ridley Island “a good first step” to acceptable LNG project


PRINCE RUPERT – Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) says he welcomes news that Malaysia-headquartered  Petronas oil and gas corporation may be considering moving the docking facilities for its controversial proposed Lelu Island liquefied natural gas plant to Ridley Island.

“I am encouraged that Petronas may finally be acknowledging the depth of opposition to the risk its project poses to irreplaceable salmon habitat and eelgrass beds at Flora Banks,” Cullen said. 

Cullen termed a potential move to Ridley “a good first step” to addressing what some consider the project’s greatest environmental risks.  He stressed, however, that a multitude of other Tsimshian and upriver concerns, as well as protection of all of Lelu Island, must be satisfied for area residents to agree to the project.

“Here in the Northwest, we know we don’t have to sacrifice our values or our salmon for good jobs,” Cullen said.  “Industries that want to set up shop in our backyard must understand and respect this.” 

Flora Banks contains up to 60% of Skeena Estuary eelgrass stocks and is a critical nursery habitat for salmon smolts.   For over a year, Cullen has advocated for moving even a portion of Petronas operations to Ridley Island to ease project pressure on Flora Banks.

Petronas is seeking to move ahead with a proposed $27 billion liquefied natural gas plant on Lelu Island near Prince Rupert.  Shifting fuel shipping operations to Ridley Island may help reduce project costs and local opposition.

LINK: http://nathancullen.ndp.ca/possible-petronas-move-to-ridley-island-a-good-first-step-to-acceptable-lng-project


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