Northern Gateway

The Northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker project threatens the livelihood of BC's northern communities. If built, it would put hundreds of salmon-bearing rivers and the BC coast at risk of a devastating oil spill. Nathan has opposed this project from the beginning, and has stood up for Northwest BC against Enbridge and the Harper government's bullying in Parliament and at the joint review panel.

On September 23, 2014, Nathan tabled An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest (C-628), which would ban crude oil supertankers from BC's North Coast. The bill aims to protect communities and their surrounding environment by stopping the Northern Gateway pipeline and supertanker project in its tracks. You can watch a video clip of Nathan introducing his bill in the House of Commons here. You can also sign your support for Nathan's bill at

In 2013, Nathan participated in the Joint Review Panel - the federal government panel that carried out the environmental assessment for the Northern Gateway project. You can view one of Nathan's presentations to the Joint Review Panel here, or read Nathan's final written argument to the panel here.