National housing strategy tinkers rather than tackles country-wide crisis

National housing strategy tinkers rather than tackles country-wide crisis

OTTAWA  –  The Liberals’ unveiling today of their highly anticipated national housing strategy fell flat as most of the money won’t be spent for years and crucial components to provide affordable, accessible housing are missing, MP Nathan Cullen said.

“Boasting about billions of dollars to dig Canada out of a 20-year national housing crisis but spreading the spending over 10 years is bizarre.

 “The Liberals call this a crisis but they aren’t willing to start spending until after they are safely re-elected, Cullen said. 

Cullen added that Indigenous communities, including many in the Northwest, will be especially disappointed in today’s announcement, which dismisses Indigenous homelessness as ‘the next chapter’ and an ‘additional conversation’ that must wait for a targeted housing strategy.

Cullen noted today’s promise of $40 billion for housing is fiction and that the government should be straight with Canadians who desperately need help.

“Dressing this up as $40 billion in new federal spending is shameful,” he said. 

“These funds include $11 billion announced eight months ago, and also matching money the private sector and provinces will be expected to provide.”

Cullen said constituents and municipalities in his riding were hoping for more than just platitudes and future promises today.  Lack of affordable housing is one of the most common concerns that constituents now raise with him.

“The face of homelessness and affordable housing has changed completely over 20 years; we’re seeing tent cities pop up everywhere from Prince Rupert to Toronto.”

Cullen applauded the Prime Minister’s promise to introduce legislation recognizing housing as a fundamental right. “We welcome this change of heart but it seems strange coming just two weeks after the Liberals voted against an NDP private member’s bill to do exactly that.”

The United Nations estimates three million Canadians cannot access affordable housing and 235,000 people experience homelessness each year.



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