Nathan presents petition on rural airport navigation services

Today Nathan presented a petition in the House of Commons calling for the protection of airport services at the Williams Lake and Quesnel airports.  NAV CANADA has proposed a scaling back of manned navigation services at rural airports across Canada, claiming that services can be provided by electronic systems alone.  Nathan has been talking to other rural Members of Parliament from all parties to discuss a strategy to ensure that rural airports and the communities they serve are not harmed

Mr. Nathan Cullen (Skeena—Bulkley Valley, NDP): 

“Mr. Speaker, it is with great pleasure that I present a petition today from hundreds, virtually all of the residents from the communities around the Williams Lake and Quesnel who are demanding that services be restored to their airports.

Rural airports across Canada are receiving cuts through Transport Canada and through NAV CANADA to essential services required for businesses and basic safety for these communities.

It is an impressive petition. I hope the government takes it up and forthwith reverses these decisions to cut services to rural airports right across this country.”

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