Economic Renewal and Social License

After a townhall tour in communities across the Northwest in the winter and spring of 2013, Nathan developed the Citizen’s Guide to Social License. Citizens of all social, economic and political walks of life brought their experiences and insights, and together we’re working to create a strong and sustainable Northwest for now and for the future.

A “social license to operate” is simply the blessing that any company needs from the local community before they can begin development. Even though it isn’t written into law, companies and communities alike are starting to realize that a “social license” is one of the most important permits they need to achieve before shovels can hit the dirt.

Social license is developed through true consultation: meaningful conversation followed by meaningful actions, and demonstrating a strong commitment to upholding responsible business practices, being a strong partner with the community, and maintaining estrong environmental ethics.

To read Nathan's Citizen's Guide to Social License, click here.