Cullen hosts Smithers meeting on Libs unpopular tax reform proposals


SMITHERS – The country-wide battle to reframe the Trudeau government's contentious proposals to reform business taxation is far from over and MP Nathan Cullen will continue to fight for small businesses and listen to concerns and answer key questions, including at upcoming public meetings.


Cullen is hosting a public meeting in Smithers next Thursday evening about the proposed legislative changes that have had business owners, professional service-providers, Premiers and territorial leaders and many Liberal backbenchers up in arms since the potential reforms were announced in July.


The event is set for Thursday, Oct. 12 from 7 to 8:30pm at the Old Church.  Refreshments will be served. There is no charge for admission and the event is open to everyone.  Cullen and the Terrace Chamber of Commerce will also team up to co-host a luncheon Oct. 20 on tax reform.

“Minister Morneau (Finance) may believe consultation on his poorly considered tax reforms ended Monday and that the door is now closed, but unfairly targeted Canadian small businesses still have a lot to say,” Cullen, Deputy Finance critic, said from Ottawa today.

“These proposed legislative changes directly target small and mid-sized businesses, the backbone of our Northwest and Canadian economies, and completely ignore the biggest businesses and billionaires with offshore tax havens, which is where taxation reform and fairness is most urgently required.

“The Minister now admits changes to the bad plan he put forward will be required and it’s critical the Liberal government continue to listen to constituents and MPs carry these common sense messages to Ottawa.”

A 63-page consultation paper that outlines these proposed changes is available on the Department of Finance website:



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