Cullen encouraged at tabling of salmon treaty renewal, calls on Ottawa to sign


PRINCE RUPERT - Nathan Cullen MP (Skeena-Bulkley Valley) is encouraged that Canadian and US government officials have reached a renewal agreement on the Pacific Salmon Treaty. This 10-year conservation and harvest sharing agreement from the Pacific Salmon Commission has been recommended to the Canadian and US governments.

“The sustainability of wild salmon stocks is a huge issue for many communities and governments must step up to the plate and work collaboratively to protect these species. We need co-operation if we want to protect our fisheries,” Cullen said.

“It’s good that representatives from both countries have created a plan to manage Pacific salmon. Now the Canadian government must step up and accept the agreement.”

Cullen noted that with many salmon stocks dipping to critically low numbers, focused and shared effort is needed to restore populations. Species such as chinook are facing real risk of collapse.

“This agreement will require all jurisdictions to accept a reduction in the number of fish that can be harvested,” Cullen said.

Cullen acknowledged the challenges to both governments to negotiating the renewal treaty. Talks took place over two years as representatives sought to balance the imperative of protecting the fisheries with the need to provide harvest opportunities for Indigenous communities, and commercial and recreational fishers across the border. The proposed framework seeks to incorporate this multitude of voices.

The new treaty will replace the currently existing deal that is set to expire December 31. The renewed version sets new conservation objectives for certain salmon populations, as well as a renewed commitment to science and stock assessment.



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