Cullen calls on DFO to clarify on Ecstall River debacle

Cullen calls on DFO to clarify on Ecstall River debacle

PRINCE RUPERT- Nathan Cullen, MP (Skeena- Bulkley Valley) is calling on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) to provide clear and swift action on the Ecstall River debacle after it was discovered that an investigation into the incident will likely result with no action to rectify the situation or close loopholes. The investigation by DFO was triggered after the Komaham Lodge used a First Nations communal license to take wealthy Americans fishing for Chinook on the Ecstall River while the recreational fishery was closed last summer.

“The DFO needs to be crystal clear that this will not occur again and that they will be closing loopholes that were used to bypass conservation and indigenous access programs.” Cullen said.

“We cannot let foreign commercial interests come before protecting wild salmon stocks, especially when all other user groups and First Nations are pitching in and taking on that burden.”

Cullen has sent two letters to the DFO regarding this situation and has received no reply to date. A clear response is needed as soon as possible to all user groups, so they can be confident that their conservation efforts are not in vain.

“The DFO needs to take action to penalize those involved and ensure the rules are followed by everyone, including wealthy Americans.”