Create Your Canada Details

Want to to something TODAY to change Canada TOMORROW?

Create Your Canada is a chance to help guide Canada into the future you'd like to see

Send us your ideas for a new federal law for a chance to win an oppertunity to see Nathan present your bill in Parliament

This year we have decided to open up the Create Your Canada Contest to constituents of all ages

  **Contest Now Closed**

Contest Details:

  • Eligibility : You must be a constituent for the federal Skeena-Bulkley Valley riding. The contest is open to all ages
  • Submissions : Each constituent may submit two ideas
  • Prizes : One contest winner will win a trip to Ottawa to watch Nathan present their bill in the House of Commons. Prizes may not be substituted for monetary value
  • Deadline : July 27, 2018
  • By submitting their bills, contestants agree to the release of their bills and the use of their name on the Create Your Canada website and in other press materials

Judging Criteria:

A panel of judges will select a winner based on:

  • Organization : clear expression of ideas and direct connection between the stated issue and proposed solution
  • Originality : does the bill tackle the stated issue in a new and unique way
  • Jurisdiction : the bill must be within the realm of the federal powers
  • Benefit/Impact : does the bill benefit or have a positive impact on society?
  • Ease of Enforcement : can the proposed bill be easily enforceable or will enforcement be a challenge

How to Enter:

Send us your submission by mail to our constituency office at PO Box 4919, Smithers BC, V0J 2N0

Or email us your submission to