West Coast Commercial Salmon Fleet Needs Help

West Coast Commercial Salmon Fleet Needs Help


– Nathan Cullen is calling on the Federal government for compensation for and reorganization of the commercial salmon industry of British Columbia’s North Coast.

Since being elected, Cullen has been calling for reform of the Employment Insurance system, for increased budgets to fisheries science and salmon enhancement, and for policy changes that will protect fish and fishermen.

“The Federal government clearly recognizes the need to provide interim supports to protect Canadian futures in the auto and forestry industries,” says Cullen, “why is it such a stretch for them to recognize that coastal BC communities need support through a major transition time?”

Cullen points out that without commercial fishing, and the shore-based support industries, these communities would have never developed as far as they have. The commercial industry has, again, signaled its willingness to adapt to changing conditions – what it needs now is a similar signal from Ottawa.

Commercial fishermen, First Nations and local government leaders are planning a delegation to Ottawa, though their multiple requests for meetings have been ignored.

“Since the Fisheries Minister has failed to visit the North Coast, we will bring the North Coast to the Fisheries Minister,” Cullen said, “Now we just need a meeting date so this delegation can present their proposal for sustainable fish and fishing.”