Welcome to 65 new Canadians from 22 countries!

Our northern community welcomed 65 new Canadians, originally coming from 22 different countries, as they swore the Oath of Citizenship on January 19, 2012 in Muheim Elementary School. Judge George Gibaut presided over the citizenship ceremony that swore in new citizens coming in from Smithers, Telkwa, Burns Lake, Houston, New Hazelton, Terrace and the surrounding communities. Judge Gibaut noted that while it was freezing cold outside, it was also “a very warm day in all of our hearts.”

New citizens came from countries including India, Philippines, Russia, Uganda, and more. All the new citizens have been living in Canada for at least 3 years, and others, like Balihar and Baljinder Vinning, have lived in northern B.C. for 30 years.

Masters of the ceremony were grade 7 students Cassie Horning-Wandler and Ethan Bucher, also from Muheim Elementary. Smithers RCMP constables Ashley Vanleeuwen and Adam Moleski were also in attendance and participated in the citizenship ceremony.

“Days like this are special days in life in Canada,” said Judge Gibault during the joyous ceremony. “Right here, right now, we are part of a great tradition—the tradition of building Canada with newcomers from every part of the world.”