Watch CBC documentary on the damage caused by Canada’s asbestos industry

Nathan recently introduced Bill C-399 in the House of Commons, which would ban the mining and export of asbestos.

The legislation was the product of the “Create Your Canada” Contest in which students from the Northwest designed bills related to issues they are passionate about. Hayley McDermid, Claire Hinchliffe and Chloe Staiger, of Smithers, joined forces to propose an end to Canada’s irresponsible practice of exporting asbestos.

Once a commonly used fire resistant material, asbestos is now banned in most developed countries including the European Union becuase of proven links to cancer and other health issues. The World Health Organization, the International Labour Organization and others have called for a worldwide ban but still the Canadian government supports the mining and export of this dangerous substance.

Please help us by writing to Prime Minister Harper to support ending this shameful practice.