Statement by Nathan Cullen on December 6 National Day of Remembrance

Twenty-four years ago, 14 women were brutally murdered at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. They were killed simply because they were women. Every year on December 6, our thoughts and prayers are with those women and their families.

This tragedy has had a lasting effect on our country. It opened our eyes to a dark reality, and we know that it is not enough just to remember. We have to work actively for change. Over half of Canadian women will experience violence at some point in their lives. And it's unacceptable reality in Canada that aboriginal women are seven times more likely to experience violence than non-Aboriginal women.

We can make a difference. Together, we can ensure that women fleeing abuse have all the support they need. We can keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of dangerous people. We can demand justice for the hundreds of aboriginal women who have gone missing from our communities. We can make Canada a safe place to live. We owe it to those 14 young women.