Statement by MP Nathan Cullen on Labour Day 2010

Today is Labour Day, a day when people all over the world pause a moment in their busy lives to recognize the contributions of workers to society and trade unions to our communities and countries. 

We remember and thank the efforts of the labour movements that brought health and safety laws, shorter work weeks, the weekend, and minimum labour standards to benefit all workers and their families. Outside the workplace, healthcare, student loans, social housing and public pensions all have their roots in the groundwork laid by labour movements. 

But we also recognize that the important contributions of working people to our everyday lives do not exist just in history.  Fuelled by the worst worldwide economic crisis this generation of workers, their parents and even grandparents have seen, working men and women continue to press for improvements in the lives of Canadians.  I’m proud to say these voices have helped Canada’s New Democrats to introduce plans to strengthen EI and CPP/QPP, protect pensions from corporate creditors and keep well-paying, family-supporting jobs here in Canada.

Whatever you do this Labour Day, please take a moment to consider how much we owe to the working men and women in Canada and across the world who have given us so much.  That’s what I’ll be doing at the Labour Day community picnic in Kitimat today.”