Remarks from Nathan Cullen on the Day of Mourning

Delivered by Constituency Assistant Francoise Godet in Terrace, BC on April 28, 2015

The numbers tell the story. In 2013, 902 workplace deaths were recorded in Canada.

In the 21 year period from 1993 to 2013, 18,941* people lost their lives due to work-related causes (an average of 902 deaths per year).

Dead because their workplace was not safe.

Dead because they got injured. Dead because they got cancer. Dead because they were attacked.

The number and rate of workplace fatalities in Canada, even from accidents, is unacceptably high. We have failed to make progress in reducing the number and rate of workplace deaths.

We have some of the best health and safety laws in the country, yet the number of workers that lose their life continues to increase.

In many jurisdictions, the monitoring of labour and safety standards has been drastically cut back, or even replaced by "voluntary" industry compliance.

Canada can do much better. Canada needs to enforce the law and save workers' lives.

Enough is Enough. It's time to enforce the law and bring employers who kill to justice.

Thousands of men and women, some as young as 15, have needlessly had their lives taken over the past 25 years by their employers. How many more of us have to be killed before governments finally take action?

The Canadian flag on Parliament Hill will fly at half-mast. Workers will light candles, don ribbons and black armbands and observe moments of silence. Businesses are asked to participate by declaring April 28 a Day of Mourning and to strive to prevent workplace deaths, illnesses and injuries.

That is why every year we mobilize on April 28th and gather to fight for the living and morn for the dead.