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As public office holders, Members of Parliament are subject to rigorous scrutiny of their expenditures by impartial House of Commons administration staff. MPs must prove that any expense is incurred in the process of carrying out their parliamentary duties, representing constituents, and holding government to account.

All expenses must be accompanied by receipts that are submitted to the House of Commons Financial Services for payment. Non-partisan staff within that office vet every receipt before payment and refuse any that do not fit the rules or are ambiguous. They do not return receipts after payment; those documents become property of the House of Commons. The House of Commons has rigorous internal auditing which includes auditing of MPs’ expenses. This is done by an external auditor, KPMG, and is publicly disclosed on the House of Commons website.

Members Office and Travel Expenses 2011-2012

Members Office and Travel Expenses 2010-2011

Members Office and Travel Expenses 2009-2010

Members Office and Travel Expenses 2008-2009

Links to other disclosure statements are available here:

A direct link to a specific MPs disclosure statement can be obtained from the Disclosure Statement from the Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner by entering the name of the MP here: Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner

Candidate’s Electoral Campaign Return information can be found here by clicking “41th General Election” and then searching by candidate: Federal Candidate Electoral Campaign Return

Nathan has long believed in making MP expenses more accountable. Here's what he's had to say in the past: Cullen welcomes audit of MP expenses (June 18, 2010)