RCMP Civilian Oversight Act Gathers Momentum

RCMP Civilian Oversight Act Gathers Momentum

The Civilian Oversight Act (Bill C-472) was introduced in the House of Commons by Member of Parliament Nathan Cullen. It would create a professional and fully independent civilian investigative service to conduct all investigations involving the death or serious injury of a civilian while in RCMP custody.  This would put a stop to the current practice of police investigating police and create a true system of oversight that will restore the public confidence in the force.

The entire New Democratic caucus stands in strong support of the bill and the Liberal Public Safety Critic has also declared his support. In reaction to the introduction of the bill, RCMP Commissioner William Elliott publicly announced that the RCMP does not want to investigate itself any longer.  It is time for the Federal Government to heed the call and introduce the fully independent civilian investigations proposed in Bill C-472.

You can find information all about the initiative on this page. You can also find out how to get involved and help push for better police oversight. The site will be updated regularly so check back often and keep the pressure up.

Want To Get Involved?

Join us in pushing for effective and independent civilian oversight of the RCMP

Download a copy of the Civilian Oversight Act here: Bill C-472 RCMP Civilian Oversight Act (pdf, 64 kb)

Gather signatures on a petition to support the bill: Independent Investigations Petition (pdf, 75 kb)

Join the discussion at the RCMP Oversight Group on Facebook: Support Civilian Oversight of the RCMP