PM needs to stand up for Canadian energy security and jobs

MP Nathan Cullen will be watching Mr. Harper closely during his trip to China this week to see if there are any unexpected announcements that will affect Canadians.

“He’s made announcements that affect us when abroad before. It shows complete disregard for this country and for anyone who shows opposition to the government’s position,” said Cullen.

At the top of the Prime Minister’s agenda while in China are Canada’s energy policy and the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline set to go through the riding Cullen represents.

“If Mr. Harper was less interested in a backroom deal, he’d let the National Energy Board finish its review before trying to seal the deal,” said Cullen. “Washington said no and now Mr. Harper’s is running to China. What will he offer there?”

The Joint Review Panel hearings began in January 2012. A decision is expected April 2013.

People living along the proposed route and across B.C. have been very vocal with their opposition to the project. Cullen says Mr. Harper refuses to listen.

“Folks in my riding have been fighting against Enbridge oil and the pipeline for years,” said Cullen.

The proposal involves shipping raw bitumen and the best value-added jobs to China.

“There’s only one way to describe it,” said Cullen. “It’s a bad deal for Canada.”

Cullen also stated that over 45,000 coastal economy jobs will be at risk if a single spill occurs from one of the 220 supertankers set to be in B.C.’s coastal waters.

“I’d also like to remind Mr. Harper of his 2008 promise to Canadians when he said he wouldn’t ship Canadian oil to countries with lower environmental standards, and that he’d protect our jobs,” said Cullen.

Facing international pressure for its environmental record, China has recently increased its investment on green innovation projects and has clearly outspent Canada in recent years.

“We’re going backwards,” said Cullen. “Instead of promoting the pipeline in China, maybe Mr. Harper can take notes on clean energy initiatives.”