Our Canada, Our Budget / Notre Canada, Notre Budget

Are you concerned about the Omnibus Budget Bill? Bill C-38 is an unprecedented attempt to pass far-reaching legislation affecting environmental regulations, EI, OAS, and many other non-budgetary issues under the guise of a budget bill. It's a Trojan Horse this government is using to avoid debate on issues important to Canadians. Visit my Facebook page to find out about the campaign I'm running to oppose Bill C-38. Stand with your fellow Canadians and tell the Harper government this is Our Budget !

Have your say at http://budget2012.ndp.ca/.

You can read the report from the NDP Budget Hearings 2012 here: http://xfer.ndp.ca/2012/2012-06-05-BudgetHearings/BudgetHearings2012_EN.pdf

Stay tuned for more hearings in your area.

We're also launching a social media campagin. The idea is starting at 7pm on June 13, tweet or post on Facebook the following:

#ourbudget not yours #ourbudget not yours #13heroes #splititup save our pensions save our shores #C38 #cdnpoli #24in24.

Keep tweeting and posting that every hour for the entirety of the voting on Bill C-38 (expected to over 24 hours and into the early morning hours of June 15).

Let's stand up, speak out, and remind the Harper government that this is Our Budget -- not theirs!

Note: If you've scheduled your tweets, Twitter might be marking them as accidental repetitions. Try putting the time or a number at the beginning as a small change