NDP stands strong against “shameful” postal legislation

The outcome of debate that began last night in Parliament to force Canada Post employees back to work has far-reaching implications for both workers’ rights and federal services across Canada, MP Nathan Cullen said during a brief break from the House of Commons this morning.

“The shameful legislation the government tried to ram through in just one day paves the way to gutting the collective bargaining process, and is a call to action to workers across the country of the contempt this government has for a functional and respectful bargaining process.”

Cullen said Conservative arrogance in attempting to force postal employees back to work for less money than had been offered at the bargaining table also bodes poorly for the future of public services in Canada.

“This government is clearly bent on reducing and privatizing critical government services.

“Canadians expect and deserve better.”

The NDP is leading opposition to Bill C-6 to make room for a negotiated settlement.  The Official Opposition is using a variety of procedural tactics to prevent pushing the bill through quickly instead of the normal three stages of readings and committee hearings that can take weeks.

If passed, the bill would end the Crown corporation’s lockout.  The union began rotational strikes June 3 and were locked out completely on June 15.

The House of Commons won’t rise for the summer until legislation passes.