Nathan Cullen tables An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest

OTTAWA – NDP MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena – Bulkley Valley) has presented a plan to protect the Pacific Northwest with his private members bill aimed at settling uncertainty and avoiding conflict around the future of the North Coast and the threat posed by Enbridge Northern Gateway.
“Conservatives have arrogantly refused to listen to the concerns of people in the northwest and across British Columbia,” said Cullen. “From the risks of crude tankers in our northern coastal waters, to shutting communities out of the process and failing to consider the impact on value-added jobs.”
Cullen introduced a private members bill today, called An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest, that would legislate a ban on supertankers on the North Coast, putting into law for the first time, a moratorium that will fully protect the region. The bill also seeks to give communities a stronger voice in pipeline reviews and better consider the impacts of projects on value added jobs.

“By shutting out and insulting First Nations and BC communities, the Conservatives have made a complete mess of this process,” continued Cullen. “They’re failing to look at the long term economic and environmental impact of Northern Gateway, and that’s what this bill aims to finally fix.”

This fall, beginning on October 14 in Prince Rupert, Nathan Cullen will be taking his Take Back Our Coast tour across BC, giving people an opportunity to have their say on his bill and the future of our coast and country. Cullen invites people of all stripes to find event information and sign on to the campaign to defend the Pacific Northwest at

Watch Nathan introducing An Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest in the House of Commons here.

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