Kyahwood Mill Near Moricetown Re-opens

The Kyahwood Sawmill in Moricetown resumed operations on Friday, after nearly two years of inactivity, putting about 35 people back to work

“To see 40-odd folks get back to work in the forestry sector no less, that’s been so hard hit over the last number of years – it’s great!  It’s a great lesson here for other community, other bands in the way folks here put it together, put this project together, it had some help from the forestry majors as well, so it’s a good model. It won’t work exactly the same way in other communities because of different realities, fibre supply, but this is where we need to head. Things in Burns Lake, Fort St. James – we’re seeing this start to develop more and more where bands are getting access to financing and are able to put solid businesses together that make sense for everybody,” said Cullen