Kinder Morgan

There are many problems associated with the Kinder Morgan project: no meaningful consultations with First Nations, no credible environmental review, and no oil spill clean up plan. The new bitumen proposal involves moving  up to 900,000 barrels per day and a 700% increase in oil tanker traffic along the BC coastline.

The Premier of British Columbia has asked reasonable questions that the federal Liberals cannot answer.  Important questions such as how do we clean up bitumen? If an oil spill hits the coastline, it becomes the Premier of British Columbia's jurisdiction. Despite this, Trudeau has stated that the project will continue with or without the provinces.

The Liberals have spent a lot of time ticking check boxes that say consultations have occurred.  In reality, however, the Liberals continue to reject the claims of First Nations. The consultation process cannot be meaningful if what has been said during consultations is not considered.

The Kinder Morgan project has become a crisis - it doesn't matter which side you're looking at. The Liberals promised to unite the country, and they have. They have united the country in our collective agreement that this project is complete and total mess.