Keystone rejection must inform Enbridge process, says Cullen

A victory for the environment and due process
Ottawa –
Today’s rejection by the US government of the Keystone XL pipeline project is a victory for the environment and sends a clear signal to Stephen Harper that Enbridge must be vetted via a full and unfettered assessment process, says MP Nathan Cullen.

“The Keystone decision is a victory for the environment, for Canadians, and for the democratic process,” said MP Nathan Cullen (Skeena-Bulkley Valley). “The Obama administration cited the rushed deadline imposed by Republicans that made a full assessment of Keystone impossible, as the main reason for the rejection.”

Today’s Keystone decision occurs just one week after the Canadian government publicly attacked opponents of the Northern Gateway Pipeline and pressured the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel to speed up the hearing process.

“We see in the Keystone decision an affirmation of the need for the public to be consulted and concerned citizens to be heard,” Cullen said.

“We can’t just push these projects through. There are too many environmental and economic considerations.”

Cullen pointed to how the Keystone decision is good news for the Canadian economy as well.

“18,000 of the best refining value-added jobs would have been shipped to Texas with this project. This is a victory for those Canadians who want secure employment.”

TransCanada must now decide if it wants to put forward another application.

Oilsands advocates will be turning all their attention to the Northern Gateway Pipeline, which runs through Cullen’s riding. Cullen will appear before the Joint Review Panel, which began hearings on Enbridge last week, next month.

“We’ve got one victory with Keystone. Now let’s move on to the next,” Cullen said.