Huckleberry layoffs will be felt throughout the Northwest

HOUSTON – Today’s announcement that approximately 100 employees of Huckleberry Mines will immediately be laid off due to low copper prices is a tough blow so soon after Christmas, MP Nathan Cullen said this afternoon.

“There’s no question this is difficult news to deliver and to receive,” Cullen said.  “The wheels are already in motion to minimize the impact on Northwest communities.”

Cullen spent much of the morning speaking with community leaders in Houston and he is awaiting a return call from senior managers at Imperial Metals.

“Getting some basic information from the company so that we know where laid off workers live, how long reduced operations are expected to last, and any insight about the future of the mine will definitely help us to plan our next steps.

“The layoffs represent about one-third of the Huckleberry employee roster,” Cullen said.  “These are well-paying jobs, many of which are held by folks who live all along Highway 16.”

Imperial Metals said it will keep approximately 160 workers on the payroll at its Huckleberry property to mill stockpiled ore.  The open pit copper/molybdenum operation is located 85 kilometers southwest of Houston.