Guns for criminals isn’t what law-abiding gun owners want: Cullen pushes for amendments

Nathan Cullen pushes for amendments on a bill that has “gone too far”

OTTAWA Refusal of the Conservative-dominated Commons public safety committee to amend the government’s sledgehammer approach to abolishing the long-gun registry has created a bill that has “gone too far,” Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen said today.

“The Conservatives have crossed a line with the current bill,” a frustrated Cullen said after a meeting of the committee earlier this week.”They’ve taken unprecedented and irresponsible steps, and it is hunters and recreational sports shooters in my riding and right across Canada who will pay the price.”

“This isn’t what law-abiding gun owners asked for and these arrogant tactics are not the mandate Canadians gave this government last May.”

Cullen appeared at committee to push for amendments that would balance the interests of rural and urban Canadians. He warned that even his constituents and other Canadians who despise the long-gun registry don’t want Ottawa to ditch all controls.

Cullen attacked the Conservatives at length for failing to fix the broken and inadequate classification system. “Dangerous weapons are currently clumped in with legitimate hunting rifles and our amendment would clean this up,” he said.

Among these weapons are the Steyr HS. 50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, meant to pierce light armoured vehicles from over a kilometre away. The Swiss Arms Black Special, an assault rifle, uses the same lightweight ammunition found in an M-16 military rifle. The Tavor TAR 21 was originally conceptualized for urban warfare.

“Hunters in my riding are responsible people. They don’t shoot a moose from over a kilometre away, or a duck with an urban assault rifle,” Cullen said.

“These are military guns. The Conservatives’ refusal to accept our amendments shows this government isn’t interested in using reason. They’re being radical, arrogant and ideological.

“This is a very different bill than I have supported in the past.

“This bill makes it easier for criminals to access military-style guns. It’s not serving my constituents. It’s not serving Canadians.

“This is a bill that has gone too far.”