Enbridge Northern Gateway’s Year in Review

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Enbridge Northern Gateway’s Year in Review: opposition shows strength in numbers

VANCOUVER – This week, groups are marking the anniversary of the Joint Review Panel’s recommendation to approve Enbridge’s controversial pipeline and tanker project with a retrospective index.

“One year after the hearings concluded, the opposition to Enbridge’s pipeline and tankers is as strong as ever,” said Gerald Amos of the Friends of Wild Salmon. “Enbridge has failed to win social licence for the project or meet any of its 209 conditions, and British Columbians and First Nations are pulling together to stop the project in the courts.”

Number of First Nations that have declared opposition to Enbridge: 148
Number of individuals pledged to help First Nations Hold the Wall against Enbridge: 25,826
Number of members of the public who expressed support for Enbridge during hearings (oral statements): 2
Number of court proceedings currently pending against the project: 18
Number of community events held (or pending) to help fund First Nations legal challenges: 85
Amount raised to support First Nations legal challenges, through Pull-Together.ca: $282,000
Number of coastal mayors who want the Enbridge oil tanker terminal in their town: 0
Amount by which the Canadian dollar has declined, compared with Enbridge projections: 14%
Amount by which the price of oil has declined, compared with Enbridge projections: 41%
Chances the project, if it proceeded, would use temporary foreign labour? 100%
Number of confirmed shippers for the Enbridge pipeline to date: 0
Number of the 209 conditions of project approval that Enbridge has met to date: 0
Number of Christy Clark’s 5 conditions that have been met: 1, but under appeal