Donaldson made critic for Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

(HAZELTON, BC) – This week in Victoria, Stikine MLA Doug Donaldson was appointed to a new Official Opposition critic area by interim leader Dawn Black. Donaldson is now the critic for energy, mines and petroleum resources while retaining his previous deputy critic role in finance and public accounts.

“I am very pleased to be chosen for this new assignment”, said Donaldson. “This critic area contains important topics for all who live in the province and especially those of us living in rural and northern regions.

“There are alternatives to the current approach taken by this Liberal government to energy, mines and petroleum resource topics – alternatives that will result in more people in this province benefiting from the natural resources we all commonly own in B.C.,” added Donaldson.

The Stikine MLA said many of the mining, energy and petroleum resources issues facing BC are ones that he has had experience with in the northwest region of the province. “The most important part to achieving successful solutions is to take a triple bottom line approach, which places social and environmental considerations on the same footing as economic aspects.  Layered upon that is the people most affected need to be deeply involved in creating the solutions.  It is the only way to move forward in a responsible way.”

In announcing several changes on Jan. 26, Black said it was appropriate to re-assign critic areas during the New Democratic Party leadership contest “to ensure fairness and balance to our role and responsibilities as B.C.’s Official opposition.”