Cullen slams Harper for failing to enforce environmental agreements

OTTAWA – A lawsuit launched today by two of Canada’s leading environmental action groups highlights the Harper government’s continued refusal to take leadership on vital environmental issues, Nathan Cullen, Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP and NDPEnergy and Natural Resources critic, charged this morning.

The lawsuit, served by the Pembina Institute and EcoJustice, alleges that Royal Dutch Shell has reneged on its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the Jackpine Mine and Muskeg River Mine oil sand development sites. 

Royal Dutch Shell has confirmed that it does not intend to honor these written agreements.

“The federal government has a role to play here,” Cullen said.  “A good faith agreement was reached with Shell and now they’re backing out.  This is the point where real leadership is needed from the feds.

“What good are written agreements if the government doesn’t have the backbone to enforce them?”

Cullen joins the Pembina Institute and EcoJustice in their call for a public hearing into this matter.  There has been no action by the federal ministers of Environment (Jim  Prentice) or Natural Resources (Lisa Raitt) to enforce the broken agreement.

Cullen concluded, “Prentice and Raitt have been dispatched by the PMO to greenwash the government’s dirty environmental record.  The lack of action on this file clearly shows when it comes to the environment, big Oil always wins with the Conservatives.”