Cullen says it’s time to stop dividing country over guns

OTTAWA Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen said today that he hopes Wednesday’s vote in Parliament to abolish the federal long-gun registry will shift Canadians’ focus to meaningful crime reduction programs.

“It’s time to stop dividing the country over guns,” said Cullen, who voted to scrap the controversial long-gun registry earlier this week.

“I think all parliamentarians and Canadians, regardless of where they live or where they stand on the gun registry, agree we need to find effective ways to reduce gun-related violence.

“That’s certainly where my focus continues to be.”

Cullen said he had received “clear and decisive direction” from his constituents as to what message they wanted him to take to Ottawa for Wednesday’s vote. 

He said he’d received many hundreds of calls, emails and messages on the matter, all but a handful of them strongly opposed to the registry.

Bill C-391, a private member’s bill from Manitoba seeking to abolish the controversial 14-year gun registry, passed in the House of Commons Wednesday night by a vote margin of 164-137.

The vote means the bill has approval in principle of the House. It will go to committee for further study before a third vote and then on to the Liberal-dominated Senate, where final approval is unlikely.

The gun registry was brought in by the Liberal government in response to the killing of 14 women at Montreal’s L‘École Polytéchnique in 1989.