Cullen salutes public teachers for upholding rights of students to quality education


These remarks were delivered on Nathan’s behalf by staff at teacher rallies in Smithers and Terrace today.

***** “Thank you for inviting me to speak on behalf of MP Nathan Cullen, who is on the leadership campaign trail in Newfoundland & Ontario today.

Nathan has asked me to express his appreciation to you for upholding the rights of BC public school students to a quality education

… an education that is not hamstrung by the impossible learning & teaching environment that exists in our public schools today.

These conditions do not lend themselves to learning or teaching success.

Nathan knows that you are fighting at the bargaining table for manageable class size, composition, and specialist support.

He knows it’s a fight worth fighting, so that teachers can better serve the needs of their students.

And he knows that Bill 22, the back-to-work legislation, is an attack on free collective bargaining.

Labour an essential force within civil society.  Nathan is running for Leader of the Opposition and the next Prime Minister to protect and further the rights of Canadian workers.

He knows strong unions are essential to a healthy economy that reflects the social values of Canadians.

On behalf of Nathan, thank you for being here today and fighting for the rights of BC public school students to a quality education.”


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