Conservatives sink another $100M into nuclear industry

OTTAWA – Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for another $100 million dollars as the Conservatives sink more money into government-owned nuclear agency AECL, Skeena-BV MP Nathan Cullen said today.

The new money, announced in last week’s supplementary spending estimates, comes right on the heels of $351 million dedicated in Budget 2009 to the AECL’s troubled Chalk River facility.

These large subsidies for nuclear energy have become something of a tradition recently,” Cullen said, pointing out an additional $370 million also went to the nuclear industry last year.

“I think Canadians should be asking this government why they are spending more than $450 million this year to prop up the nuclear industry, while guaranteeing next to nothing for clean energy.” said Cullen, NDP Natural Resources critic.

The recent federal budget pledged support for nuclear power and for yet- unproven carbon capture and storage technologies. 

But it failed to renew funding for the successful EcoEnergy Renewable Power Program, and completely failed to invest in new Green Energies.  The word ‘renewable’ didn’t appear once in Budget 2009.

“The budget showed us the Harper Conservatives have no vision for clean energy in Canada. Today we see the high price the Canadian taxpayer must once again pay for Conservative inaction,” Cullen concluded.

“Canadians deserve a government that will invest in green energy jobs for the future of the country.”