Conservatives must stop shilling for Enbridge Pipeline says Cullen

The Conservative’s support of Enbridge’s controversial Northern Gateway pipeline shows again how the government is out of touch with British Columbians and raises questions about whose interests they are serving, according to New Democrat Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen.

“It’s troubling to see a federal minister promoting a project that’s currently under review,” said Cullen. “You would think that Enbridge has enough lobbyists; they don’t need the Minister of Natural Resources shilling for them too.”

Minister Oliver made the comments in Kananaskis Alberta at an oil industry-sponsored meeting of provincial energy Ministers to discuss a national energy strategy.

“With eighty percent of British Columbians saying no to tankers off our north coast, I’m not sure what the Minister is thinking when he says the pipeline is in the ‘national interest’,” said Cullen. “Many of B.C. communities depend on river and marine resources for their livelihoods. And First Nations have clearly said no to the pipeline passing through their traditional territory.” 

“The only interests the Minister seems to be thinking about are those of the oil company.”

The proposed Enbridge pipeline, slated to run from the Alberta tar sands to the BC coast, would bring more than 225 oil supertankers yearly through to the dangerous and remote northern BC coast, placing this diverse and fragile ecosystem at risk.

The proposal has been referred to a Joint Review Panel that will report to the Ministers of the Environment and of Natural Resources.

“I don’t know how people are supposed to put their trust in a review process when the Minister in charge is already saying he wants to build the pipeline,” said Cullen. “This Government’s blind support for the oil industry could make one wonder if the fix is in – but I’m also familiar with the determination of the people of the Northwest. They don’t take kindly to being walked over”