CBC cuts hurt rural communities, Cullen says


OTTAWA – More job cuts at the CBC threaten the quality of service available to our rural communities, said Skeena—Bulkley Valley MP Nathan Cullen. CBC announced that it would cut 657 positions, including 100 jobs from the regions and 323 from the French-language Radio-Canada service. It was also announced that the CBC will no longer be in the business of airing professional sports.

Cullen points out rural communities are already underserviced by the national broadcaster. “The CBC plays an important role in keeping rural communities such as ours connected to the national conversation with local programs and stations.” He also points out that French services in British Columbia could be in danger. “We do not know the locations of the cuts yet, but regional services will be losing 48 positions. These cuts will further penalize francophone communities in rural areas.”

Cullen noted a trend in cuts at the CBC since the Conservatives took power. “There have been deep cuts to the CBC over the past three years and the latest hit areas – such as professional sports – that the CBC is known for. I worry about the future of the national broadcaster under this government.”


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