Canadians rake Harper gov’t over coals for bad decisions and deals

SMITHERS –Yesterday’s announcement that the federal government will investigate the validity of temporary foreign workers at BC coal mines is a direct result of concerned citizens increasingly alert to the selloff of Canada to outside interests, MP Nathan Cullen said today.

“Without question, the anger of thousands of Canadians reeling in an arrogant government that is drunk on its own power is beginning to show on the Conservatives,” Cullen said.

“It’s a credit to concerned citizens across BC and from other parts of the country who oppose the craziness of massive international hires for Canadian jobs.”

The federal government yesterday launched an investigation to determine whether a flood of approvals for temporary foreign workers meets legislative requirements.  One of those requirements is that employers demonstrate they have exhausted all efforts to hire Canadians.

“It’s just ridiculous to be filling potentially thousands of BC mining jobs with foreign workers when unemployment remains stubbornly high in many parts of Canada, including here in our riding,” Cullen said.

He noted the converging of a number of jobs and trade policy concerns – rocketing foreign workers, the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement, and the proposed Nexen takeover by a Chinese oil corporation – is shining a harsh spotlight on Conservative actions.

“Stephen Harper and his gang are governing by blind ideology instead of making solid policy decisions that are good for Canadians,” Cullen said.

“It’s time the Conservatives are called to account for giving away Canadian jobs and making trade deals that benefit other countries more than our own.”

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