Affordable Childcare

In 2015, the reality for too many Canadian parents is that they pay more for
childcare than they do for rent. Finding a safe, quality, affordable place for our
children to learn and grow is increasingly difficult for parents. Many pay more
than $1,000 a month (and as much as $2,000 in some parts of the country) per child for childcare – if they can find space at all. That’s why Nathan is proud to be working with the NDP to make childcare more accessible and more affordable with a plan to create one million new childcare spaces at a cost of no more than $15 per day.

It’s hard for parents to give their kids the start they deserve when the cost
of infant childcare takes up a stunning 18% of the average family’s income.
Over 900,000 Canadian children in working families have no access to quality
childcare at all. On the other hand, affordable childcare has been proven to
increase women’s participation in the workforce, and grow the economy as a
result. For Canadian families and for the Canadian economy, affordable childcare is a win-win.

As a dad and as a parliamentarian, Nathan is proud to be working everyday in
Parliament to bring this plan closer to reality.

You can read more about this important initiative here, and sign the petition to support affordable childcare here.